Sunday Worship

Park Church will not meet corporately for at least the next several weeks. However, there is no reason not to worship at home. On the weekly pages linked below, we’ve provided our order of service, a playlist of the planned worship songs, a video of the sermon, and other resources to use at home.

Weekly Worship:

Before You Start:

  • Pick a time and place. We know that disruptions may come up, but do your best to preserve this time. It is powerful when we slow down, take time to worship, and pay attention to the way God is moving. Put phones and other distractions away.
  • Designate a leader to transition through the elements of the liturgy. Portions that say “together” will be read or prayed by everyone. This practice will help you stay focused and help the service flow more naturally.
  • Remember your participation in the whole of it matters! Try to avoid just listening to the sermon, but participate in as many of the elements you can. Remember that each part of the Sunday liturgy is formative and is both shaping you and helping you engage with God.
  • We put everything in order on our blog so you can simply scroll down through the order of the liturgy. We know that this might feel a little weird, but as you interact with our content this morning, know that you are not alone. God is with us and many others around the world are worshiping in the same way today.

Further Resources:

Want more training on the why and how of our Sunday Services?

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by this! Click this link for more training on how to engage these Sunday Services.
How to Engage with Sunday Worship Online

Worshiping with Kids?

We know it can be a challenge, so here are some thoughts to help!
How to Engage with Sunday Worship Online—With Kids

Playing the songs on guitar or piano?

Instead of playing a video of the songs to sing along with, we are also posting chord sheets of the songs in advance if you’d like to lead these songs live. Join our Preparing for Sunday CCB Group and we will email you the songs and chord sheets a few days in advance so you can practice the songs and read the text for the Sunday sermon.


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