Park Kids seeks to equip parents to teach their kids to love and fear God, and encourage families to engage the city.

Sunday Worship Gathering

Trained volunteers navigate children through intentional curriculum that shows how Jesus is the hero in every Bible story.

Changes beginning Sunday, September 2:

Preschool • Ages 0–5

No adjustments here! Children’s classes for ages 0–5 are available downstairs at all three services.

Elementary • Grades K–5

These children will join the church family for worship until the greeting time and then go upstairs for Bible-centered teaching during the sermon.

Notes to parents of elementary children:
  • You can check-in your children before the service downstairs. If you do so, your children will be dismissed directly to volunteers who will take them upstairs.
  • If you choose to check-in your child after the greeting, you will need to do so upstairs in the new Park Kids area.
  • Either way, you will pick up your children in the Park Kids area upstairs.
All parents are always welcome to keep children of any age with them during the entire service!

Park Kids Volunteers

Park Church exists to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God and the joy of all people. One of the most important places we make disciples is within the next generation—our kids.

Interested in playing a part in the communal joy of showing kids the gospel? Click the button below or pick up an application at the Books & Resources shelf on Sunday and drop your completed form in the offering box. For more info, contact Melanie Fenwick at

Apply to be a Park Kids Volunteer


There are many options for you when to bring your children to Park Kids (located downstairs). You can drop them off first thing when you arrive starting 15 minutes before the service. Another option is to check your kids in as soon as you arrive, and then keep your kids with you for the music portion of the worship service. This allows your family to worship together, and then you can bring your child to Park Kids before the sermon begins. We intentionally wait to begin the content portion of the time to give you the opportunity to model worship for your kids. Or, you can keep your kids with you for the entirety of the worship service!

Parents with Infants

You are absolutely welcome to keep your baby with you during service. Whoever is preaching will not give you evil glares if your baby squirms and squeaks during the height of his sermon. There is also a nursing/cry room set aside for moms located on the west side of the gallery. Your baby is also welcome at Park Kids whenever you feel comfortable.

Families with Special Needs

We would love to serve your child and family at Park Church! We offer both a specialized room and one-on-one aids. If your child has special needs, it helps us serve you best if we know you will be coming to Park Church. Please complete a Special Needs Information Form before attending your first Sunday. This form is required for placement with a one-on-one aid. Please plan on coming to Park Kids with your child until an aid can be placed.

Child Dedications

Child dedications are an opportunity for us to celebrate the grace and goodness of God as the Creator of all things. It allows us to stand with parents as a covenant community, committing to serve and encourage them in the discipleship of their children. Please email to ask a question or learn about upcoming child dedications.

Click here for more information

Parent Equipping Events

This is where we provide resources, teaching, and opportunities to hear from experienced parents. From the theoretical to practical, these happen twice a year and provide a wonderful supply of help and encouragement for you.

Information Avenues

We have a variety of discounted books and music in the Park Kids check-in area. We also send bi-monthly emails with additional resources. Click here to subscribe.

Gospel Communities

Community is a primary place parenting is designed to happen. We see our Gospel Communities as the place for families to encourage each other and engage the city with each other for its good.