Gospel Communities


Our small groups, called Gospel Communities, provide a context for community-oriented discipleship. In these groups, relationships are cultivated as we learn to apply the Gospel to all areas of life.

Our Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes throughout the Denver-metro area and are made up of people from those surrounding neighborhoods and communities. We value diversity of age, race, life-stage, and experience in our groups and seek as much as is possible in each area that our groups gather in. We seek to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ so that we may bring glory to God.

The primary means of growth for each disciple is the ongoing process of seeing and savoring Jesus more and more. Our groups are framed by the values of Gospel-Centered Worship, Community, and Mission. We study the bible together, pray with one another, and share both laughter and difficulties with one another. We also use the gifts God has given us to serve one another, both internally as a group and externally for the glory of God and the joy of our neighborhoods and city.

The greatest value in our groups is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has united us with God and with one another. The “one another” that we see in scripture is the people of God, which is comprised of every tongue, tribe, and nation. Our goal is to connect you with a Gospel Community in your general area of the city and help you and that group reflect the beauty and glory of the people of God.


The first step for you is to attend one of our Welcome Meals. Welcome Meals happen every 4-6 weeks on Sunday mornings, and include a light breakfast, a chance for us to get to know you, and a time for us to share our vision for how Park Church engages with the mission of God in Denver. Visit the Events page to see when the Welcome Meal is happening.

After you’ve RSVP’d for a Welcome Meal, click the Join a Group button on this page under Next Steps and fill out the form. Once you’ve attended a meal and have filled out that form, we will help you get connected into the life of one of our Gospel Communities.