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The love we have for our Heavenly Father is inextricably linked to loving our neighbors as ourselves. If we say that we love Him, then our actions need to line up with the way that we care for others, especially the vulnerable. Our nation is still divided 55 years after its last civil rights movement. Once again, His church has an opportunity to either lead us into unity or remain complicit in allowing systems of racial inequities to disproportionately harm our sisters and brothers of color.

As God’s people, we want to humbly and boldly usher God’s will on earth by leaning into the work of Biblical racial reconciliation with our families, friends, coworkers, and communities. We’ve created a pathway to help us all to battle the sin of racism—a sin that’s pervasive in our racialized surroundings and also within us. Below you will find a curated list of resources. Rather than treating this as a checklist, work through it and allow your hearts and minds to be renewed in His likeness. Our prayers are with you as you begin or continue on this journey towards racial reconciliation.

This list will evolve over time, so if you have recommendations, comments, or questions, please contact [email protected].

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Gary McQuinn

God’s design for a beautifully diverse world has been damaged by racism and how only Jesus can restore it all.



Woke Church by Dr. Eric Mason

Mason challenges the church in America to take a hard look at our history and stand together against the indignities and injustice in our world: to understand that justice is both theological and sociological, and that there is no intimacy with God without justice in one’s heart

Other Resources



Brandon Washington

Not only did Jesus reconcile us with God, but also to one another. As Christians we are called to pursue that unity in our lives.

Panel Discussion

Ahmaud Arbery and The Church’s Response to Racial Injustice

Five questions on our hearts and guidance for a thoughtful response to what minorities and majorities can do at this time.

Instagram Video

Instagram Video

Brian Loritts: George Floyd and the Way Forward

How to better understand the pain tied to this moment, the power of lament, and the promises of Jesus.

Resource Document

Resource Document

Be the Bridge

An introduction on the 4 W’s: White Supremacy, White Fragility, White Identity, and White Privilege

Panel Discussion

Epiphany Fellowship: Race, Justice, & The Gospel

Dr. Eric Mason is joined by Pastor Nyron Burke, Dr. Sarita Lyons, and Dr. Tiffany Gill for a discussion on justice. With Isaiah 1:16-17 providing context, they offer biblical reflections and responses to ongoing injustice, including the murder of George Floyd.


Spiritual Formation